Last December 2 took place the signing of a collaboration agreement between Transparency International Spain and the Council of Transparency and Good Governance. The Convention was signed by: Esther Arizmendi, President of that Council, and Jesús Lizcano, President of TI-Spain.

The two signatory institutions share a fundamental objective of promoting social transparency in both public and private institutions, and thus enhance the right to know of citizens. It is important that the Council of Transparency as an official body set up under the Law on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, and Transparency International Spain, as an organization of civil society that promotes social transparency and fighting corruption, they have signed an agreement of this nature.

As a result of this agreement the two organizations will carry out a series of joint activities such as: a) Training activities (courses, seminars, etc.) and events (presentations, round tables, forums, etc.) designed to promote transparency and good governance, ethics and accountability in political organizations, government, worker and employer organizations, and private entities related to the government; b) Cooperation in the evaluation of the implementation of the Law on Transparency in the different entities and individuals affected by this law; c) Communications and mutual exchange of information, documents, publications, etc. related to transparency, good governance, ethics and accountability. In addition, Convention monitoring indicators facing to optimize the development of the actions envisaged in that convention are set.