On 25 November has signed cooperation agreement for promoting Integrity and transparency in the private sector between Transparency International Spain and the Spanish Global Compact Network. The agreement was signed by the president of Transparency International Spain, Jesús Lizcano, and the president of the Spanish Global Compact Network, Angel Pes.

This collaboration has thrived due to the confluence of interests of the two organizations in the fight against corruption. The main objective of Transparency International is the global system instill values transparency and accountability as publicly recognized standards. Meanwhile, Global Compact works against Corruption through Principle 10: “Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”, the last one of the 10 Principles that member companies are committed to Global Compact.

This agreement establishes mechanisms to work together to promote integrity and transparency in the private sector, taking into account, for this, it is important to influence companies and transmit a full and transparent corporate attitude not only avoids negative effects, but it provides a differentiating value compared to other companies.

The actions will take place between the two organizations will be aimed at promoting integrity and transparency in the private sector.