In Transparency International Spain it has constituted a committee or working group on “Transparency and prevention of corruption in public tenders and contracts” in order to help and promote the information clearly in these proceedings, proposing further measures to prevent and hinder corruption in the institutions and charges related to them.

The work of this Committee will emerge, first, a series of proposals to pass them on to the political parties in the face of that can be considered when drawing up its next election programs.

The first meeting of this Committee was held on 14 September 2015, and it intervened same twenty members, who have contributed a set of over a hundred proposals to increase transparency and prevent corruption in the field of public recruitment. In the coming weeks they will continue the work of this Commission in the face look more closely at these proposals, sorting them and simplifying them, and come to an ordered set of proposals that can be practical and acceptable for the political parties in order to reduce corruption risks in this area of public procurement, which moves annually billions of euros.

The Members of the Commission are in the table below.