On 14 September has signed a collaboration agreement between Transparency International Spain and the Observatory of Public Procurement, so that these entities can establish lines of cooperation and collaborate on projects related to public procurement, promote joint publications on subjects of common interest, exchange information, and encourage members of the Observatory of Public Procurement (based at the University of Zaragoza), participate in projects promoted by Transparency International Spain.

The agreement was signed by Jesús Lizcano, President of TI-Spain, and José María Gimeno, Director of the Observatory of Public Procurement.

This collaboration begins with the active participation of the Observatory of Public Procurement in a Commission formed in Spain TI-ahead to prepare a set of proposals to be sent to all Political parties on measures of Transparency and Corruption Prevention in tenders and public contracts. And also with the aim of implementing Integrity Pacts in public procurement procedures.

The public procurement is, today, an extremely topical news not only legal, but also for the impact that it has on the design and effectiveness of public policies of States. This is for the undeniable economic impact. Adequate and effective transparency can enable both a more efficient management of public funds -of special interest in the context of deficit reduction and presented as an alternative to policies cuts-, as transparent management compatible with the right to good administration. Accordingly, it should be a major instrument to ensure the efficient and corruption-free management of public contracts. It in this context collaboration between Transparency International and the Observatory of Public Procurement, intended to lead from civil society a debate on measures to change the current political scenario.