On July 19 TI-Spain was presented the Report on Corruption in Spain relation to the UN SDGs, prepared by Transparency International Spain. This is a recent and exhaustive report that includes a comprehensive diagnosis relating to the situation in Spain and the compliance by the Government of the UN Objectives (ODS) on corruption. This Report finally includes a set of 30 Recommendations to fight and improve the situation in our country in terms of corruption.

The Report is carried out by TI-Spain as an independent analysis of Civil Society in parallel to the official report that the Government can make, and its content develops different sections: A) General situation of Spain in Institutional Governance, transparency and fight against corruption. B) Important advances in transparency and prevention of corruption. C) Important social keys. D) The Report ends with a set of 30 main Recommendations.

In the presentation they participated: Jesús Lizcano (President of TI-Spain), Miguel Miaja (INDEP coordinator and former Director of the National Audit Office), Ana Morilla (Principal Investigator of the Report on Spain, ODS and corruption), and Jesús Sánchez-Lambás (TI-Spain Board).

You can access various documents related to the Report:

Highlights of the Report (included the 30 Recommendations)

Access to the Full report (in English)

Access to the Executive Summary (in Spanish)

Access to the Methodological Note (in Spanish)

Photos of Presentation