Last December 15 has signed a collaboration agreement between the Attorney General and Transparency International Spain. The signing ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Attorney General, being signed by Ms. Consuelo Madrigal, Attorney General, and Mr. Jesús Lizcano, Chairman of Transparency International Spain.

With words of thanks, Consuelo Madrigal expressed his satisfaction with the signing of this Agreement, and recalled that in his first appearance at the Congress of Deputies is committed to the transparency of the public prosecution to citizens. Madrigal added that there is no legal obligation on the institution to account for the use of resources as the prosecution does not have its own budget and is the Ministry of Justice and the Autonomous Communities with powers transferred institutions that provide material resources to prosecutors.

In line with the above, the Attorney General has cited the latest GRECO report, denouncing the absence of its own budget for the Spanish Public Prosecutor. Finally, he thanked the support Spain Transparency International and the future advisory work for the daily management of the prosecution an exercise in transparency and more information to citizens.

For his part, Jesús Lizcano, on behalf of the Executive Committee TI-Spain he heads, he has expressed its appreciation for the fact that the Attorney General to assume commitments that are not legally required, but will serve to bring the institution of civil society. The president of TI-Spain stressed, moreover, that through this Convention a comprehensive study on corruption-related offenses, with statistical data that will allow developing various legal and opinion surveys will be performed.

The agreement signed today will allow the Attorney General to develop a policy of transparency regarding their activities, and improve the level of information and openness to the public about the various public institutions. This is one of the objectives of Transparency International, which is committed to advise the Attorney General in the design of programs of transparency, accountability and governance.

Full text of the Convention

Pictures of the signing ceremony