It is a pioneering Public Accountability initiative

Under the impulse of the delegate of citizen participation, transparency and open government of the Madrid City Council, Pablo Soto, and the president of Transparency International Spain, Jesús Lizcano, both institutions signed a collaboration agreement last April 5 to develop a Integrity Pact, associated to the hiring of the support service for citizen care “Madrid Line”. The company awarded this service will be responsible for facilitating the attention given by the city council to citizens through different channels (office of Citizens Assistance), telephone (number 010) and telematics (web portal and account Of Twitter @Lineamadrid)-.

The Integrity Pact is a novel public management proposal to improve transparency and participation and prevent corruption in public procurement. As Pablo Soto pointed out, “it is a tool of accountability that has not been put into operation so far and we have the honor of being the first in Spain. We do it with humility and with the aim of providing transparency to public procurement in the City of Madrid”.

Jesús Lizcano corroborated that the Madrid City Council stands out for its commitment to transparency and appreciated the value of launching an initiative unprecedented in our country, which has already been successfully carried out in various countries.

“It’s a pilot project, but not least. The contract to support citizen care “Madrid Line” represents 17,000 calls daily, a budget of about 60 million euros and a company with more than 500 workers. It will allow us to learn to apply it in the public procurement of the City Council”, said Javier Moscoso, its General Director of Transparency.

The TI-Spain president explained that an Integrity Pact is “an agreement between two parties, the public institution that draws a contract and bidding companies. The whole process of awarding and implementing the contract is supervised by a third party, civil society – in this case Transparency International Spain and external experts associated with it – that comes to ensure the social control of contracting by citizens.

The Integrity Pact provides additional supervision to the controls already exercised by the administration itself and a mechanism of accountability in the area of public management and contracting. For the companies that compete, it is a guarantee that they compete on equal terms and that the best offer in quality and price will be selected.

As a preliminary step to the open competition, the city council was already a pioneer in organizing a preliminary consultation to the market in February, in order for companies to decide on the best technical and technological solutions available for the provision of this service. This technical consultation was accompanied by a general consultation with the citizens through the Decide Madrid portal, which asked about what aspects are essential in the information and care provided by the municipality.

From now on, TI Spain will hire the experts in labor law and telecommunications who will exercise as observers of the process, and together with TI Spain they will periodically inform the public about how the bidding, awarding and implementation of the service by the winning company is developed.

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Pictures of Signing Agreement