* Explanatory note: The Transparency Indexes prepared and published by Transparency International Spain are exclusively aimed to measure the level of transparency of public institutions, through evaluation of data and information they make available on their website regarding the indicators and areas of transparency of each index, as explained in a clear and detailed way in the methodology of each one.

In any case, these indexes do not attempt by any means to measure the level of corruption or the conduct of people who may belong administrative or politically runthese institutions, as they are persons unknown of TI-Spain or bearing no personal relationship. The evaluation indexes of transparency bear therefore, institutional character, and an informative assessment is made of each one of the public entities, which for TI-Spain are logically abovet he people who have or had political or administrative ties with these entities.

Moreover, given that the main activities of TI-Spain are aimed to asses public institutions, it is neither contemplated nor accepted the possible contribution, grant or aidthat could come from a public institution or agency, as it is completily free the processing and publishing in internet of everything related to these Indexes of transparency.